Coconut Cups And Spoons Are The Finest On Earth!

Hey Beautiful Humans of Planet Earth!

By now, you've probably heard the entire concept about our Eco Friendly Coconut Cups and Spoons! But if you haven't, let me take you through a little trip down to the golden sun kissed beaches of Sri Lanka where it all takes place...

Yes, I know, and I fully agree with you that there's so many Coconut bowls and Coconut products out there so readily available to you nowadays. And that's a great thing, because that gives us a huge array to choose from! However, if you're the type of person looking for the most natural, vegan friendly, organic, sustainable, environmentally friendly, ethically made, and fully raw Coconut bowls, well then that big choice you've been handed isn't going to be too promising, unfortunately!

And yes, you've guessed it right! The Coconut products we manufacture literally haven't even heard of the term, "chemicals" since they are made from the finest hand picked Coconuts in the sun kissed beaches of Sri Lanka. Manually and very carefully selected Coconuts by local villagers, are then sent to our workshop where each Coconut is inspected and chosen for the purpose of creating the most perfect and unique Coconut Cups and Spoons. Oh! And let me assure you, that the trees from which these Coconuts are picked from, have in no way been treated with any pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful chemicals, since Sri Lanka is an Island which is known for the abundance of Coconuts naturally growing for hundreds and thousands of years.

Sounds super awesome right? It gets better! The Coconut shells which are selected, are sent to a process of polishing, where the material used to polish the shells are also natural & plant based, and not even a single chemical is used during this polishing process, and this step is done entirely by hand!

It gets even better! Coconut shells, just like Coconut oil and butter, are said to have numerous healing properties, one being that they remove certain harmful toxins from the food or drink that is placed/served inside the Coconut Cup (knowledge which comes down from generation to generation by the elders here in Sri Lanka.)
In fact, Coconut shells were, and still are one of the main kitchen utensils that are widely used in many villages in the Island of Sri Lanka. And so Coconut Cups act as one of the most natural alternatives to modern day cups and serving bowls which are contaminated with harmful plastics and chemicals which melt and mix with your food and drink, causing immense long term physical damage to your organs.

When it comes to the Coconut Spoon, now that's a whole different story! Just like the cups, these Coconut Shell Spoons have also been used by Sri Lankans for centuries! And when using them to stir hot meals, curries, water, or anything at all, they never, and we mean never react to heat, and thus they never melt and mix anything into your food! And obviously there's nothing to get mixed, since its a Coconut shell which is 100% NATURAL! And these once again are amazing and divine natural substitutes to your everyday modern rubber/plastic spatulas/spoons that we shouldn't even think about dipping into our precious food!

And did you know something really interesting? The Founder of Coconut Cups and Spoons actually initiated this brand while searching for natural and healthy serving alternatives for his wife when she was pregnant! So he was continuously on the lookout for non toxic and 100% natural alternatives that his wife could eat from, since they wanted their baby to be perfectly safe and away from the world of nasty chemicals. And that's when, my dear friends, he happened to come across these magical products, which were locally made by the villagers in Sri Lanka. And from that day onward, Coconut Cups and Spoons have been hitting every corner of the social media world, filled with delicious smoothies, salads, ice cream, porridge, oats, bliss balls, and simply everything under the sun!

In particular, Instagram foodies openly welcomed this new and cute concept (which is not only cute but super amazingly healthy for the body) where food was served in little Cups made from Coconut shells made in Sri Lanka. And everything has been like fireworks ever since!

Foodies serve all sorts of gorgeous meals and drinks in their Coconut Cups, and they use spoons to cook and serve their food with such a great relief in mind, knowing that their families are completely safe and protected from harmful toxins which would have been present if they had been using conventional cooking utensils made of rubber/plastic. Pregnant women and Moms are always filled with joy, about the fact that they aren't ingesting chemicals, and are super excited and relieved that they are being very righteous to their to-be born children and newly born babies, who require the utmost love and care when it comes to food and eating habits.

It's too good to be true - the fact that these precious gifts of nature are so Earth Friendly, healthy, chemical free, and good looking all at the same time! But it is! It's very true indeed! You'll be able to see all sorts of cool and cute Coconut Cups and Spoons on our products page!

And so once again, we most humbly, and so very gladly and confidently invite you and your family to join a healthy and sustainable revolution like never before - with Coconut Cups and Spoons!

Happy Coconuts!
Coconut Cups and Spoons Team

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