Our Story

A very warm welcome to Coconut Cups and Spoons!



On July 2017, I found out that I was becoming a father! And the amazing feeling and reaction that ran across my mind, I simply cannot put down in writing, nor can I say in words, honestly.

I felt great, surprised, excited, scared, super happy, and nervous, all at the same time. Because with fatherhood, I knew that a great deal of responsibility would be placed on my shoulders, from day one.

And just like any other husband, I started searching for the best and most healthiest food items and products for my wife and future baby. The top stuff on my list were pesticide and chemical free organic food, and 100% all natural goodies.

My approach did not only apply for food. I was also looking for the best of the best in terms of how my wife would be consuming her food, in other words, what kind of serving products she would place her food in, for example: plates, cups, bowls, spoons, and water jugs.

And so I decided to hunt down all the possible natural foods and food serving equipment at the local villages in Sri Lanka (also known as Ceylon.)
Since I had spent most of my childhood in Sri Lanka, coconut related products were customary to me, but I didn't realize the amazing advantage of these beautiful creations until my wife became pregnant!

And while further getting into the creation process of these Coconut Cups and Spoons, through first hand observation - from the point of growing the trees, plucking the coconuts, to cleaning, shaping, and shining - these products were 100% truly natural & hand made, organic, Eco friendly, and were packed with super health benefits!

That's when I thought and wondered about how many more husbands and mothers might be looking for healthy, truly organic, Eco friendly, and 100% natural products such as these for their babies, families, loved ones, and friends!

And rather than reaping the benefits of this truly magical and astounding gift from Mother Nature by myself, I decided to share it with my fellow humans on Earth. And that's how the journey of Coconut Cups began...

AMG Magos